What We Eat On Sundays is a food blog by two sisters living on opposite coasts. We love cooking as much as we love experiencing the food culture of our cities, especially when we're allowed to take our time and enjoy it with others. This usually happens on Sundays. Sometimes not.

Kelsi is an executive assistant by day and avid foodie by night. She lives in Seattle, Washington where she likes spending time with her papillon Mochi, cooking Hawaiian-style comfort food, and keeping her detailed spreadsheet of Seattle restaurants in order. She loves red wine, homemade pasta, and a well-made manhattan.

Donica, 29
Donica is a designer and art director living in Brooklyn, New York. She loves ramen, cold beer, the occasional poke bowl, and her grandma's fried chicken. While there's no shortage of great food in the city, some of the best meals she's eaten in New York have been cooked by friends over a fire in the Catskills.